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Although doing business longer, Greenway was incorporated in 2006 when Damian McKay began expanding his services of providing land preparation, grassing, erosion control and forestry mulching for commercial and residential contractors in South Mississippi.  Since that time, Greenway has evolved into a thriving business covering the southeastern US and has went from working with commercial and residential contractors to heavy industrial and large energy companies that build and maintain pipelines and metering stations across the US. Utilizing his education and experience in turfgrass sciences, Greenway is dedicated to providing high quailty, yet cost effective grassing, erosion control, site preparation and clearing services for its customers.

Greenway takes pride in being up to date on the latest products and education.  In October 2005, Mr. McKay was featured as a cover story in Turf South magizine for maintaining quality turf.  In May of 2010, Mr. McKay was issued a certificate of completion from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for successful completion of its environmental review and compliance for natural gas facilities, Savannah, GA.  With the knowledge provided by Greenway, rest assure that your environmental interest will always be our priority.

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